Songs About the Morning, Opinions on Noname & Ratboys


What’s more inspiring than the start of a new day? Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite songs inspired by the morning. The hosts also review new albums by Ratboys and Noname.

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The Window Ratboys

Ratboys The Window

Ratboys are a Chicago group who have taken a big step up with their new album “The Window” thanks to production from former Death Cab For Cutie member Chris Walla.

Sundial Noname

Noname Sundial

Noname gained acclaim as a contemporary of Chance The Rapper, but in recent years she has viewed the music industry with suspicion. “Sundial” is her third album and before it was even released a guest verse on it was stirring up controversy. Hosts Jim and Greg have a nuanced discussion about the album.

Songs About Morning

As the new school year is underway, many of us are struggling to adapt to new morning routines. Hosts Jim and Greg hope songs about the morning can help.


  • Kris Kristofferson, “Sunday Morning Coming Down
  • Nina Simone, “Feeling Good
  • Bill Withers, “Lovely Day
  • The The, “This Is the Day
  • Outkast feat. Goodie Mobb, “Git Up, Git Out


  • Stevie Wonder, "Happier Than the Morning Sun"
  • The Polyphonic Spree, “Light and Day/Reach for the Sun
  • Joni Mitchell, "Chelsea Morning"
  • Beck, “Morning
  • Juice Newton, “Angel of the Morning

Production Staff:

  • Sol: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, "Waking Up and Walking Out"
  • Andrew: Harry Nilsson, "Gotta Get Up"
  • Alex: Kurt Vile, "Wakin On a Pretty Day"

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