Biz Markie, Opinions on boygenius, Cherry Glazerr & Cleo Sol


From his musical innovation to whimsical creativity, Biz Markie altered the future of hip hop forever. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with filmmaker Sacha Jenkins about his documentary, All Up In the Biz. The hosts also review new releases from Cleo Sol, boy genius and Cherry Glazerr.

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00:00:43 Review: Cleo Sol


Cleo Sol is part of the prolific, acclaimed and mysterious group Sault, but her solo career is gaining steam. Her latest release, “Gold” is a near masterpiece according to Jim and Greg.

The Rest Boygenius

boygenius the rest  EP

Boygenius have taken the world by storm since releasing their first full album earlier this year. Their new 4 song EP is called “The Rest” and Jim and Greg are hoping that title doesn’t indicate that the iconic trio of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus are planning to take a break now.

I Don't Want You Anymore Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr I Dont Want You Anymore

Cherry Glazerr has always primarily been the project of Clementine Creevy. On their fourth album, “I Don’t Want You Anymore” Creevy is maintaining her emotional honesty while also exploring a broader musical palate.

Sacha Jenkins on Biz Markie


Sacha Jenkins’ documentary “All Up In The Biz” is a loving homage to rapper and DJ Biz Markie, who was best known for their hit single “Just A Friend,” but did so much more than that in their career. Hosts Jim and Greg discuss how Biz maintained the respect of the hip-hop world while being defiantly himself. They also discuss the legal trouble that his sample usage created and how it forced him to focus on DJing.


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