The Best Albums of 2024 So Far!


The year 2024 is halfway over, and there has already been a plethora of exciting, inspired and relevant new releases. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite albums of 2024 so far.

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Our Favorite Albums So Far This Year

Jim and Greg take stock of their favorite albums released this year. They include many artists who have been interviewed on the show and albums that have been reviewed including Mary Timony and Idles.


  1. Sprints, “Letter to Self
  2. Mary Timony, “Untame the Tiger
  3. Shirlette Ammons, “Spectacles
  4. Mdou Moctar, “Funeral for Justice
  5. Ibibio Sound Machine, “Pull the Rope
  6. Waxahatchee, “Tigers Blood
  7. Brittany Howard, “Prove it to You
  8. English Teacher, “This Could be Texas
  9. Heems and Lapgan, “Lafandar
  10. Finom, “Not God
  11. Jlin, “Akoma
  12. Angélica Garcia, “Gemelo
  13. C Turtle, “Expensive Thrills
  14. The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis, “The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis
  15. Hurray for the Riff Raff, “The Past is Still Alive
  16. A Country Western, “A Life on the Lawn
  17. Creation Rebel, “Hostile Environment
  18. The Last Dinner Party, “Prelude to Ecstasy
  19. DIIV, “Frog in Boiling Water
  20. Shellac, “To All Trains


  1. Mary Timony, “Untame the Tiger
  2. Sprints, “Letter to Self
  3. Idles, “Tangk
  4. Finom, “Not God
  5. Pillow Queens, “Suffer
  6. English Teacher, “This Could Be Texas
  7. Grandaddy, “Blu Wav
  8. Hurray for the Riff Raff, “The Past is Still Alive
  9. The Anti-Queens, “Doomed Again
  10. Beyoncé, “Cowboy Carter


Peter Gabriel, “I/O

Waxahatchee, “Tigers Blood

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